About Us

Established over 35 years ago as a brand,  Pulz Electronics Ltd. develops and manufactures audio systems and solutions that capitalize on the emergence of new co-axial technology and line array based speaker systems for the cinema, pro-audio, studio and home audio industries.

Pulz manufacturers an array of world class products specifically designed to cater to object based and channel based futuristic immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos, DTSX or Auro 3D.

With thousands of cinema and audio installations in some of the leading chains, Pulz is one of the industry leaders with innovative products and advanced engineering skills.

The Pulz manufacturing base is built over 40,000 sq ft of state of the art manufacturing facilities in the outskirts of Mumbai, India. The key components are manufactured in Germany, Italy and Spain. A 100 plus dedicated team of highly skilled professionals work relentlessly towards innovation, product development, precision assembly, and stringent quality control.

The Pulz facility is also designed to build customized products for special venue requirements, giving the company a unique ability to provide the perfect solution for technically challenging projects and venues.

A large warehousing facility which is well stocked with off-the-shelf Pulz products enables ultra-fast turnaround times for projects that require equipment at short notice.

Pulz audio systems are offered in three ranges Platinum, Premium and Classic. Platinum assures the highest level of technology, sound quality and refinement, whereas the Classic offers an optimum solution without any compromise in performance and quality.

The Pulz approach:

The Research and Development team at Pulz have created numerous path-breaking advances in audio technologies. The Isotop cinema system is such an example. This system features location specific horns to minimize unwanted reflections from the walls. The line source mid-high section delivers unparalleled dialog clarity. In combination with a low distortion low frequency section and advanced DSP processing the Isotop system provides a nearfield experience in large auditoriums with high reverberation. 

The Isowave system is yet another example of technology which combines coaxial technology with directivity control. This system provides coherent sound to frequencies as low as 250Hz and maintains a flat off-axis response. The Isowave engine forms the core for many of our cinema systems, high power systems for discos and studio reference monitors.

The DPT (Dynamic Power Tracking) Technology used in some of the Pulz amplifiers is the most advanced. The amplified output signal tracks the input signal waveform, achieving greater efficiency and sonic quality compared to any other standard amplifier classes. The DPT design can deliver extremely high power density with an unprecedented audio fidelity.

The Engineering team at Pulz carefully analyzes the venues for both sound and picture perfection and design solutions which meet or exceed international guidelines. From system configuration to installation to final optimum calibration, all stages, are monitored by the team. This total approach aims at providing the best possible audio visual experience and has been instrumental in establishing venues equipped with Pulz as places of reference.    

Under the leadership of one of the strongest management and engineering teams in the industry today, Pulz aims to establish itself as a leading audio solutions company for the high growth entertainment industries in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and South America.